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Equal Opportunities And Managing Diversity Approaches Social Work Essay Essay Example

Equivalent Opportunities And Managing Diversity Approaches Social Work Essay Example Equivalent Opportunities And Managing Diversity Approaches Social Work Essay Equivalent Opportunities And Managing Diversity Approaches Social Work Essay Look into the qualities and failings of the equivalent possibilities and overseeing assorted variety assaults. Equity approaches developed in the UK in the mid 1980s, after the introduction of the Equal Pay Act ( 1970 ) , Sex Discrimination Act ( 1975 ) and the Race Relations Act ( 1976 ) ( Moreau, Osgood and Halsall, 2008 ; Kirton and Greene, 2010 ) . To a major degree, Equal Opportunities ( EO ) assault is a product of the social liberties movement of the sixtiess and the expansive political tenet ( Webb, 1997 in: Shen et al. , 2009:238 ) . It has now become part of business strategy and measure concern design for some organizations. Customary equivalent possibilities assault worries with cultural justness and remedying insecurities, unfairnesss and blunders from the days gone by ( Thomas, 1990 ) . The cardinal purpose of EO assault has been portrayed as looking for equity ( McDougall, 1996 ) . It means to make a climate where individuals will be dealt with the equivalent and will non be advantaged or burdened on account of their cultural classs. It is expected that the remotion of corporate deterrents to the vibe of single blessing will empower the best single to stand apart ( Jewson and Mason, 1986: 314 ) . In any case, uniformity rule law and approaches have for some time been scrutinized for indicating solid in principle while powerless in design ( Kirton and Greene, 2010 ) . Collinson et Al. ( 1990 ) and Cockburn ( 1991 ) have specified a legion of representations where rule law was being disregarded in everyday examples and the rate of bias in working environment stayed unabated. Webb ( 1977 ) clarifies this spread as an outcome of missing political will hidden the arrangements, institutional fizzling of individuals who complete equity approaches and the nonattendance of balance undertakings support from senior heading. In add-on, as EO assault is established in the cultural and political agenda of the sixtiess and 1970s ( Wilson and Iles, 1996:62 ) , a few bookmans contend that this assault can no longer run into the requests for the new millenary ( Wilson and Iles, 1996 ; Lorbiecki, 2001 ) . Pull offing decent variety ( MD ) , as a movement off from or an other hypothetical record to conventional EEO arrangements and designs or the second coevals of EEO has now procuring increasingly going to ( Thompson, 1997:195 ) . It was non until the in the middle of to late 1990s that MD assault came into way. The principles and closures of MD have been characterized as tolerating the way that the work power is comprised of an assorted populace ( Kandola and Fullerton, 1998 ) . The decent variety takes signifiers of seeable and non-obvious, which incorporates contrasts like sex, age, foundation, race, disablement, character and workstyle ( Kandola and Fullerton, 1998:8 ) . MD assault non simply recognizes however close to qualities and tackles these distinctions. It is accepted that handling these distinctions will make a gainful domain in which everyone feels esteemed, where their gifts are being to the full used and in which authoritative finishes are met ( Kandola and Fullerton, 1998:8 ) . Existing writing on decent variety course can be approximately isolated into two gatherings. The primary gathering position pull offing assorted variety each piece only being another name rather than another assault to rise to risk ( Kirton and Greene, 2010:130 ) . In spite of their compared definition ( Kandola and Fullerton, 1998 ) , whether there is a reasonable hypothetical or pragmatic separation between them is tricky ( Kaler, 2001 ) . The second writing bunch on the different manus, demonstrates significant contrast among EO and MD assault. EO assault begins remotely and is constrained through resolution law, while MD assault begins inside and looks to make an equivalent domain and a to the full comprehensive hierarchical progress ( Gordon, 1995 ) . So, equivalent possibilities can be seen as shows do nt and favors the negative , while pull offing decent variety can be viewed as a develop that demonstrates do and favors the positive ( Mavin and Girling, 2000:423 ) . At the end of the day, EO assault will in general ensure minority gatherings and areas plainly what ought to non been done in the work environment. MD assault, on the different manus, sees decent variety and contrasts as positive properties rather than occupations to be understood ( Thompson, 1997 ) . It will in general closer view people contrast and even recommends that s the point worth watching ( Ross and Schneider, 1992 ) . Kossek et Al. ( 2005 ) reason that MD assault incorporates a committedness to EO assault and have a group more extensive territory. Equivalent possibilities is normally seen as roughly and for grown-up females, social minorities and incapacitated individuals ( Thomas, 1990 ; Ross and Schneider, 1992 ; Kandola and Fullerton, 1998 ) . In the event that one can non suit into at least one of these gatherings, it is so past the lawful intensity of equivalent possibilities ( Kandola and Fullerton, 1998 ) . While assorted variety bearing will in general work out work showcase isolation by turn toing every single distinction caused disparity ( Horwirz, Bowmaker-Falconer and Searll, 1996 ) . Besides, MD assault accentuation that solitary contrasts ought to be esteemed and full used, which is past the legitimate consistence situated equivalent possibility assault ( Shen, 2009:238 ) . The estimation of a different work power has been generally recognized. Lynch ( 1994:32 ) regards assorted variety bearing as the new future-orientated proportionalism , which assists worry with outfitting this segment destiny by purifying white male human progress ( In Kandola and Fullerton, 1998 ) . Cox and Blake ( 1991 ) other than guarantee that solid assorted variety course can chop down authoritative turnover, non-attendance and pull the best campaigners when the work showcase therapists. McLeod, Lobel and Cox ( 1996 ) and Wilson and Iles ( 1999 ) further fight that houses with differing work power performs better in conceptualizing endeavors and nowadayss progressively purposeful conduct contrasting with homogeneous gatherings, which will increase the proficiency, effectivity and benefit of the organization. In a comparative vena, The European Institute for Managing Diversity ( 2000 ) affirms that efficacious decent variety course will increment hierarchical total compensation s by inventive a steady clime for all workers to take divide in and loan, and thus accomplish authoritative points. It is proposed that esteeming decent variety may flexibly organization a start of competitory favorable position and better the nature of authoritative life ( Cassell, 1996 ) . Researchers recommend that whenever oversaw sufficiently, assorted variety course will have the option to back up cardinal authoritative improvement ventures ( Agocs and Burr, 1996 ; Liff and Wajcman, 1996 ; Story, 1999 ) . Exploration led by the Australian Center for International Business affirms that working environment decent variety offers better-quality bearing judgments, innovations and better answers for authoritative employments ( ACIB, 2000 ) . Moreover, organizations might have the option to elevate showcasing capablenesss to reflect and to be increasingly antiphonal to customer segment change through work environment assorted variety ( Shen, 2009:239 ) . Proof demonstrates that house s with solid assorted variety course keep benefitting through primary concern returns. Just like the equivalent possibilities assault, the overseeing assorted variety assault has been scrutinized for guarantee beyond what it can introduce ( Kirton and Greene, 2010:130 ) . Kandola and Fullerton ( 1998 ) fight that the considerable rundown of assumed advantages are hazardous and require farther exploration to break down whether the hypothetical record is effective. Indeed, even to this twenty-four hours, there is still non strong grounds to turn out that decent variety assault is any more forward than the customary balance assault ( Greene and Kirton, 2009 ) . In add-on, there have been a few vulnerabilities about the fundamental reason of pull offing decent variety. Researchers stress that focusing on the distinctions of representatives may transform into a way of affirming lower status and justifying prohibition ( Webb, 1997 ) . The idea of assorted variety use has other than been tested, saying that it may capacity to reenforce the generalization of individuals with v arious cultural foundation ( Kaler, 2001 ) . Moreover, pull offing assorted variety assault has other than been reprimanded for fail to perceive the significance of issues of intensity. It is proposed that the assessments of people or gatherings who have ever been under-spoken to in the days gone by may non be given full going to in the working environment ( Vince and Booth, 1996 ) . By and large, both EO and MD assault has incredible part to worker open help. It is recommended that regardless of the contingent advantages of pull offing decent variety, equivalent possibilities ought to non be supplanted by assorted variety heading. In any case issues refering equivalent possibilities might be lost in the general chase for esteeming all features of contrasts ( Mavin and Girling, 2000:424 ) . This point has been affirmed by Childs ( 1996 ) , saying that there are three columns in IBM ( US ) decent variety house : equivalent possibilities, affirmatory activity and work and individual life balance plans. In this example, EO guarantees representatives to procure equivalent opportunities to be utilized and stay in a provocation free workplace ; affirmatory activity encourages single to strive by dousing drawback ; the work and individual life balance plans tries to stifle any hindrances identifies with disposition, strategy and example, which will follow up on worker p roductiveness and their capacity to equilibrate work and individual life ( in Mavin and Girling, 2000 ) . With the nearness of both EO and MD assault can an organization perceive the furthest reaches of workers conceivable and subsequently accomplish authoritative points. 2. Talk what the

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People as a huge asset Essay

1.1INTRODUCTION Associations are comprised of individuals and individuals are a tremendous resource for any association. To be progressively effective in accomplishing their objective and destinations; associations needs to have a comprehension about their human resources, their conduct, propensities, best practice etc..† Leadership is the capacity of one individual to impact a gathering of people toward the accomplishment of basic goals† (Yukl, 1994). Affecting others implies that pioneers must have a comprehension about their conduct, which can possibly happen when they themselves comprehend their qualities, suspicions, convictions and desires. Understanding oneself methods one must complete self-appraisal/assessment as this is significant for pioneers today. I will do an appraisal about the advantage of self - evaluation/assessment to pioneers today and the significance of understanding human conduct in oraganisations. 1.2 DEFINITION OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR Human conduct is the manner in which individuals carry on and which can be impact by culture, feelings, mentalities, values, morals, hereditary and so on.. Contingent upon the general public and condition, human conduct can either be normal, regular, satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Human conduct can either be learnt as we identify with our condition; for instance, tying your shoes is an educated conduct or it very well may be inborn which can be acquired through qualities. 1.3THE IMPORTANCE OF UNDERSTANDING HUMAN BEHAVIOR TO AN ORGANIZATION Associations rely upon the conduct of both individual and groups to accomplish their objectives and destinations; as such it is extremely basic for associations to have exhaustive comprehension of human conduct. Understanding human conduct is aâ key to hierarchical achievement. Human conduct characterizes how individuals cooperate and relate with each other. Correspondence being the foundation of conduct must be compelling when individuals comprehend each other. Relational clash can be diminished in an association once there’s a comprehension of human conduct. Conduct can impact contrarily on the accomplishment of an organization’s objectives and destinations if not oversee well; will prompt poor yield and disappointment. Associations need to design their preparation program, understanding the conduct of its workers will educate the arranging procedure, along these lines guaranteeing that preparation needs are adequately met. A compelling comprehension of the assorted conduct of staff is significant. Proof has demonstrated that as individuals become more acquainted with each other, they turned out to be less worried about contrasts in the event that they consider themselves to be sharing increasingly significant attributes, for example, character and qualities, that speak to profound level diversity† (Stephen P Robbins and Timothy A Judge, Organizational Behavior - fifteenth Editions) A co-employable group that realizes how to function with each other can deliver preferred outcome over the individuals who have issues identifyi ng with each other. 1.4 THE IMPORTANCE OF UNDERSTANDING HUMAN BEHAVIOR BY LEADERS Associations need solid administration to accomplish its objectives and targets. An association is just as fruitful as its administration. Administration is the capacity to impact a gathering towards the accomplishment of a dream or set of objectives. People or gathering must be impact when there’s a comprehension of their conduct. Business need, illumination about contrasts and good strength have join to drive associations into recruiting an assorted arrangement of workers, subsequently dealing with this decent variety has demonstrated to be a test to leaders†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ Leaders can adequately deal with this test through understanding this decent variety. A pioneer who neglects to comprehend his adherents along these lines centering at an extremely shallow level by telling others to do their will; is at the base of the initiative level. More profound comprehension gives more alternatives, give one increasingly potential devices, and in all honesty, makes one an amazing pion eer (Stephen P Robbins and Timothy A Judge, Organizational Behavior - fifteenth Editions). This is a characteristic of level 5 initiative. â€Å"Understanding the conduct of devotees will help pioneers in assembling groups to oversee activities and it will likewise help inâ assigning undertaking to representatives such that will put to proficient utilize each member’s quality instead of their shortcoming â€Å" ( Attempting to affecting people without understanding why they carry on the manner in which they do, might yield arbitrary or eccentric impact and this will prompt pioneers being fruitless as adherents will be estranged; while understanding the characters of subordinates and bosses advises pioneers as to others desires and gives bits of knowledge into inspiration, intensity and relational connections and correspondence. 1.5 LEADERSHIP SELF-EVALUATION/SELF-ASSESSMENT As pioneers the capacity to impact individuals must be persistently improved; and the initial phase in accomplishing that will be by knowing yourself and increasing comprehension of your authority style, aptitudes, qualities, skills, capacities, character type and experience. As per Kevin Sharer of AMGEN CEO and president, â€Å"Leadership has numerous voices. You should be what your identity is, not to copy somebody else.† An able explanation as pioneers has the duty of affecting others in the accomplishment of objectives and goals; an accomplishment that will be practically difficult to achieve when devotees needs confidence in their pioneer. Individuals typically have confidence in credible pioneers as they are pioneers who not just comprehend what they have confidence in and esteem yet in addition follow up on that qualities and convictions genuinely and transparently. Most pioneers are ignorant of the impact their passionate insight has on their bosses and subordinates, n umerous a period we accuse pessimistic result to everyone around us, all the time being thoroughly oblivious in regards to the way that our character may have had impact on others activity. â€Å"Those who utilize the enthusiastic knowledge structure to control their considerations and activities may think that its simpler to make trust in relationship, saddle vitality under tension, and hone their capacity to settle on dependable choices at the end of the day, they increment their potential for accomplishment in the workplace†(Jones and Bartlett learning PTT) just via doing self-appraisal/assessment will you have the option to comprehend your passionate insight and different qualities. As pioneers one should realize what their quality and shortcomings as this will empower them expand on their quality and walk it to their authority openings, it will likewise aid the advancement of their shortcomings and takes into consideration theâ elimination of dangers to initiative. 1.6 THE BENEFITS OF SELF-ASSESSMENT/SELF-EVALUATION TO LEADERS TODAY. The vast majority of the advantages of self-appraisal have just been talk about above, anyway a few advantages are; A.Develop Emotional Intelligence When setting aside effort to self-reflect you are looking inwards. Mindfulness enables you the capacity to comprehend your feelings, qualities, shortcomings, drives, qualities and objectives, and perceive their effect on others you are driving. Acting naturally mindful will help you in controlling or diverting your troublesome feelings and motivations and adjust to evolving conditions. Building these passionate insight parts will improve your authority. B. Helps with BECOMING EFFECTIVE LEADER Real pioneers are sure about their guiding principle, and this will assist with reinforcing authority respectability and lead you to better choices. Understanding your basic beliefs will fabricate adherents trust in you as a pioneer and this will settle on dynamic simpler as our trustworthiness is frequently scrutinized during unpleasant and troublesome occasions. C. Fabricate SELF-CONFIDENCE Certainty is essential for pioneers. It helps in viable interchanges, dynamic, and impact building. Individuals will consider you to be you see yourself, monitoring your quality as pioneer will fabricate fearlessness and this will build group viability.

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Managing stress Definition, Symptoms, Prevention, Therapy

Managing stress Definition, Symptoms, Prevention, Therapy Stress is a common experience we all go through in life. It is part of life and no-one can say that he has never experienced stress.Stress is a response from your body to the situation you are currently going through. Your body has built-in mechanisms to deal with situations which are not part of the ‘normal.’Your body has a natural way in which it works. If you are for example employed, you know that you will wake up and go to work. You expect to do a certain amount and type of work. At the end of the month, you expect to get paid.When anything goes against this routine, your body recognizes the change as a potential threat. Your body then responds to this threat in various ways. Examples of threats in this case could be when you are required to get to work earlier or leave later than normal.Other examples include working for the whole month but your pay gets delayed for whatever reason. You could also be allocated more work than you agreed on when getting employed. You could do your normal work but have the amount increased. Or just have it come with a shorter deadline.As these situations take place, your body seeks for ways to cope. This is what results in stress.At the same time, in some situations, stress can actually be a good thing. For example, when working and a deadline is fast approaching, you will get stressed. As a result, your body will stop focusing on other aspects of your life and concentrate on the work at hand.You will find that you cannot be easily distracted and end up finishing the work on time.CAUSES OF STRESSPeople react differently to stressful situations. Whereas some people can maneuver most stressful situations well enough, others can become almost paralyzed at the thought of a perceived threat.Stress can be caused by past life events. When something negative happens but you don’t completely heal from it, then chances are high that you will be stressed about it. This will happen anytime you remember the event.On the other hand, when you anticipate a situation which you don’t see yourself as having complete or enough control over, then you could also get stressed. This is because you do not see much hope in the situation yet you have to go through it.Current situations can also be causes of stress. When you go through a situation that is proving difficult to handle, stress is inevitable. Below are some of the common causes of stress.Job loss â€" we mostly work to earn a living and support our many life goals. For some who may be seen as fortunate, they work out of passion. Either way, we need jobs. Being such important things, jobs are many times jealously guarded.This may come through competition in the market between different companies or even between employees in the same organization. Another ever-present threat is the introduction of technology. It then becomes obvious that if you lose relevance, you lose your position.When this happens, and considering the rates of unemployment, some questions are bound to arise whose answers are not easy to come by. How do you provide for your family? How do you pay for your mortgage? Where do you get money for food?Ultimately, stress kicks in.Unemployment â€" related to job loss, is the lack of a job in the first place. You have grown up knowing that you will go to school, study well, graduate then get a good job. So what happens if the good job isn’t coming your way? Worse still, what if no job at all is forthcoming?You will end up losing touch with friends as it is not easy to relate with people you are not on the same level with. And as your friends land jobs and become busy with work, you experience loneliness and frustrations with life. As such, stress easily gets the better of you.Poverty â€" people will never be at the same level. This truth can however be quite bitter to those who are victims of it. Nobody likes poverty, yet some are not just in it but actively live in it.Some people live on less than two dollars a day. Others ha ve enough disposable income to buy luxurious super yachts. Such statistics can make life seem quite unfair.Poverty may be blamed on various issues like the lack of opportunities but at the end of the day, human needs are not optional, at least not the basic ones. Those who constantly get sick or often go hungry with no means to sustain themselves have higher levels of stress.Relationship problems â€" mention relationships and people get excited. Why? Relationships always bring thoughts of love. Whether friendships or romantic relationships, they all are meant to satisfy one important need of every human beingâ€"give a sense of belonging and worth.Stress can easily be caused by relationship problems which are not resolved. Some relationships end up being what they were not expected to be. Others deteriorate faster than a candle can burn. Others still, the abusive types, become synonymous with a death sentence.Such things can quickly make your levels of stress skyrocket. With some tel ling you that things will work out right and others advising you to terminate it, you might as well be confused. Moreover, the very nature of relationships can further contribute to stress.Divorce â€" the beginning of romantic relationships is always beautiful and sort of a wonder. You get captivated and literally swept off your feet by the smiles and caring gestures of the person who made you know what love.All in all, you expect the future to be better than both the past and present. And it all starts well until some issues come up which you two are apparently unable to resolve. The truth is, there is no issue that cannot be resolved but how people look at things matters most.When disagreements end up in a decision to terminate the marriage, things aren’t often easy to handle. If there are children in the marriage, it becomes even more difficult. The court cases aren’t necessarily short and the emotional account of events doesn’t make things any easier.Illnesses â€" while so me illnesses are short and considered quite common like the common cold, others are long-term and burdensome. When you think of sicknesses like cancer and arthritis, conditions which can make movement and lifestyles change, you will be grateful to be well.Apart from the expenses needed to sustain life during sicknesses, the emotional effort to see life as normal can be hard to muster. You may be overwhelmed with thoughts of failure and see how you will never be able to do anything important for yourself.Unwanted pregnancy â€" this is the result of the desire to indulge the joys of romantic relationships without much thought of the consequences. With arguments concerning whether it is better to abstain before marriage or engage in protected sex, many people, especially young adults get trapped in between.There are those who easily take the abortion path upon realizing that they are pregnant while others get haunted by their conscience. Some take morning-after pills to prevent this ev entuality. However, all these apparent solutions have their long-term effects.Parenting â€" we start off life as infants, grow to become children, teenagers, young and old adults. At some point, those who were children have their own children and it’s always a beauty to see the younger version of you. But parenting is not always full of joyous moments.When children wake up at 2 AM and demand that you play with them till they get tired, then you know what stress means. Moreover, statistics show that family responsibilities rank highly among sources of stress among adults.Uncertainty â€" every human being wants and desires to be in control. You want to be able to predict life events and plan for them. More importantly, you want things to go just as planned. Anything else is not allowed. This is normal.It is however important to realize that life will never be very predictable. There will always be uncertainties in life. Your capacity to deal with uncertainties will always get challe nged and this need to change or adapt to new ways of life may not be easy.TYPES OF STRESSStress happens at different levels and affects people differently. Some cope quite well while others succumb, maybe too easily. It is all an issue of how well trained you are because stress will always be a part of your life.Stress is divided into three types. These are discussed below.Acute stressAcute stress can be said to be the “normal” stress that you face every day. From deadlines at work, traffic congestion, parenting challenges, the difficulty of working on a new project etc. It is usually short-term and as soon as the problem at hand is dealt with, the stress disappears.SYMPTOMSBeing an early stage of development, the symptoms of acute stress are rarely serious. That does not mean they should be ignored.Your body advises you that you need to remove the stressful situation from your life. If that is not possible, then you should remove yourself from the situation. Whichever way, you need to separate yourself from the situation.Below are some of the symptoms which you will normally experience if you have acute stress.IrritabilityYou may or may not notice that you have become irritable once stress sets in. This is because your focus has shifted to taking care of the situation.Interestingly, in most cases, if someone tells you that you are getting angry for no reason, you are likely to get more angry. According to you, what you need is for people to understand you and offer help. This is very much the truth but the problem is that you may not be very approachable at that moment.This makes communication difficult and people may not be in a position to understand what kind of help you need. If you have some work to finish, you may have a hard time explaining the quality of work you need to someone willing to help you.And if they don’t deliver as per your needs, you may not appreciate their effort. Irritability will often make people want to stay away from you. In the long run, the loneliness can cause serious damage.HeadachesYour head is the house of your brain. Your brain is what controls your body. Everything from your emotions to your logic, they are all controlled and run from your brain. When things are not running normally, your brain will feel the stress.One of the ways your brain seeks to tackle the situation is by releasing the necessary hormones into your bloodstream. This enables you to concentrate more, work faster and ultimately deal with the situation.However, that is not the only thing that happens when you get stressed. Tension headaches can also be experienced as a result of stress. This is where you feel a tightness across your forehead or the back of your neck.Back painsThese pains are very common whenever you are stressed out about something. This comes about due to the tightening of your muscles as a result of the work of your stress hormones.Since stress is a perceived danger, stress hormones tighten your muscles in ord er to make your body more resilient to any attacks that may come its way. You may also experience the stiffening of muscles in other parts of your body as a result of stress.Watch the below video for three simple exercises you can do to help you deal with back pains.HeartburnThe connection between stress and heartburn is not very obvious although it exists. Your digestive system, like other systems in your body, are controlled by your brain. When your body senses danger and stress hormones get released, two things happen to increase the chances of experiencing heartburn.First, any food that was in your stomach will stay there longer than necessary. This is due to your brain quite literally shutting down the “unnecessary operations” to concentrate on the main agenda of dealing with stress. Since there has to be either a fight or flight, focus goes to the muscles.With food lying in the stomach for longer, the acid is likely to make its way up your gut causing the feeling of heartb urn. The other way stress contributes to heartburn is by making you extremely sensitive to the slightest of pains.Stress heightens your level of sensitivity and whereas you would normally not recognize small amounts of acid in your gut, you will now notice them quite quickly. This is your body’s way of being alert to any danger so as to respond appropriately.ConstipationYour digestive system is closely connected to your brain. When something is not right with how you feel, the interpretation of the situation will affect your digestive system.Remember that stress triggers the fight-or-flight response? Your bowel movements do not help you in any way if you need to either fight or run. As a result, blood flow and concentration on your digestive system is reduced.With stress, you are also likely not to be eating well enough. Instead of foods high in fiber, you are probably going for high-fat and high-sugar ready-made foods in an effort to get more busts of energy. When you visit the b athroom, the results will be evident as you struggle to pass stool.Irritable bowel syndromeThis digestive disorder is a common problem for people with stress. Although it is not directly tied to stress, studies have shown that IBS patients usually suffer some form of stress.The connection has mainly been thought to be through the immune system link. There are two main theories of this connection. One is the fact that stress makes your brain more sensitive to the muscular contractions that happen in the colon.The other theory suggested by researches is based on how stress affects the immune system, which in turn may trigger bouts of irritable bowel syndrome.DizzinessThere have been cases of stressed people feeling dizzy. Although more studies need to be conducted for this, scientists believe this happens when your vestibular system senses that things aren’t right.Your vestibular system is responsible for your body’s position and consists of your inner ears, certain areas of your brain and the nerves that connect them. Studies done show the possible connection being in the areas of the brain responsible for dizziness and those responsible for stress interacting.Sweaty palmsThis is a condition that may be diagnosed outside of stress but has sure links with stress. Medically, this condition is called Palmar Hyperhidrosis. This diagnosis will be confirmed if you sweat more than 20 milligrams per minute through your palms.In itself, the condition can cause stress and even anxiety. Some researchers have described a cycle of sweaty palms leading to stress, further leading to more sweaty palms.One of the things that happen with the onset of stress, is increased sweating. With an increased heart rate and blood flowing to your muscles, heat is generated and your body needs to cool off the heat. Although sweating through your palms is quite natural, in stressful situations, it becomes extreme.Episodic stressThis comes about when the cause of acute stress is not comple tely dealt with. This is due to you having treated the symptoms of stress without addressing the underlying issue.As such, the stress promptly returns and as you might guess, it is always worse than it was previously.Stress always start as acute. How you deal with it determines whether it comes up again. When it does, then you have episodic stress.SYMPTOMSAs a progression from acute stress, the symptoms are not very different from those of acute stress. They are mainly at a higher level though in some cases, you may experience other symptoms too. Some of these are discussed below.Inability to concentrateWhen stress becomes episodic, the effects are no longer more focus so as to finish the pending job. You start experiencing a lack of concentration such that you cannot do what you are supposed to do well. This is the point at which your colleagues start complaining about the quality of work you produce.This should be a very clear sign that you should stop everything and fix the probl em first. With lack of concentration, more issues are likely to come up. Due to unproductivity, you may face disciplinary action at work, cause accidents and even lose relationships. These will just lead to more stress.AnxietyUnmanaged stress will often lead to anxiety. At the level of anxiety, you are slowly losing control of the situation and it is about to start controlling you. Anxiety is a serious mental condition that can lead to depression and other equally-serious conditions.Constant worryingOne of the reasons you have stress is because you don’t know what the future holds. For example, you may not know how your boss will respond to your late arrival at work. You may not be sure what your spouse is thinking considering that you responded harshly when asked about getting home late.In the stressful situation, your thoughts are rarely orderly and realistic. You will often be pessimistic and no proper planning is possible with a negative mindset. Your mind will however not sto p thinking.With no answers to the perceived dangers awaiting you in the future, you stay in a state of constant worry as you don’t know how to handle the future. Unfortunately, you fail to realize that the apparent dangerous future is a creation of your own mind under the influence of the stress you’re experiencing.Loss of sex driveMen are visual; women are emotional. All the same, all sex starts in the mind. No matter how much you may have promised yourself to enjoy the benefits of having sex, stress will ensure that it doesn’t happen.For you to have high libido, your body and mind must be in good shape and episodic stress is evidence that this is not the case. Although sex can help fight stress, episodic stress becomes a hindrance to sex.If your partner is constantly asking you for sex and you are turning them down due to stress, this may further worsen the situation. On the other hand, agreeing to having sex while still stressed in your mind can result in you not being “p resent” during sex.This may result in accusations of infidelity made against you. Or a situation where you’re told that you’re not good in bed. These will further increase your stress levels.Increased or reduced eatingAs your body seeks to power through stress, blood flow to your muscles is increased and more energy is released to enable you do what is needed.For some people, they will experience a somewhat irresistible need to eat more. This can be seen as the need for more energy (fuel for the muscles). It may also be viewed as a way of attempting to forget the problems (eating comfort foods).Eating because you are stressed is commonly referred to as stress eating. Watch the below video to understand the science behind it.Difficulty sleepingStress affects your quality of sleep by making your mind remain constantly active, even when it should rest. During the night, your body’s internal clock, called the circadian rhythm, signals to your brain the need to calm down for some sleep.However, the mind knows that there is still work to be done. So, it doesn’t shut things down as expected. Your body ends up staying awake thus you fail to get the benefits of the muscle repair that happens while you sleep.Unfortunately, the lack of sleep worsens things because with no rest or insufficient rest, your body is not well prepared to tackle the day ahead. That in itself is a cause of stress. And the cycle continues.Isolating behaviorStressful situations tend to draw you in so as to concentrate on the stressful situation. Whereas this is helpful at the initial stages, it leads to isolating behavior when it progresses unchecked.As the stress continues and the situation gets worse, you start isolating yourself primarily due to the feeling that the people around you do not understand your situation. This however is really the result of your irritability that has created a gap between you and your friends and family.People will generally want to avoid associating much with people under stress because the effects of those relations can be very negative. Your day may start off badly just because you got a harsh response from someone who was stressed.Chronic stressIf episodic stress continues for a long time, then things become worse and you get diagnosed with chronic stress. Chronic stress is a dangerous condition to have. It disrupts many systems of your body. The worst thing about it is that it gives the feeling that the situation is “normal.”When you see your elevated stress levels as normal, then your body has started changing so as to adapt. Your body literally functions quite differently from the way it is supposed to.SYMPTOMSUnfortunately, the warning signs at this stage are no longer those of impending danger but symptoms of serious medical conditions. Some of the symptoms of chronic stress include:HypertensionChronic stress increases the pressure with which your blood is pumped. Whereas this is supposed to be a temporary occurrence du ring stressful moments, it has now become your new normal.In itself, high blood pressure can cause major conditions like heart attacks, loss of vision, kidney damage, stroke and others. It is obvious that these conditions themselves will create sources of more stress because they require more effort to contain them.Weight gain or lossWhen chronic stress is the problem, you are bound to over-eat. This is the result of high levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood. One of the effects of sustained high levels of cortisol is that it increases the amount of insulin in your blood.With high insulin levels, your blood sugar drops and your body starts asking for more sugar. When you crave for food so as to generate energy, you will find yourself just going for two sources: sugary and fatty foods. These are the culprits of weight gain.At the same time, chronic stress puts your body in a constant need for energy. This causes your body to burn more fuel as it needs to work harder tha n normal. Also, your body’s response to stress leads to a decrease in your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the food you eat.The food you eat is also not well digested because your brain is limiting the supply of blood to your digestive system. This ultimately leads to weight loss.Violent behaviorBy the time you are getting to chronic stress, much of your social skills are no longer being utilized for your social interactions. You tend to lose your temper more often than you know.Violent actions from you may further cost you important relationships like your close friends and family. For example, where violence is experienced in the family, marriage becomes abusive and could potentially lead to divorce or separation.Following a violent action, you could get arrested and convicted for certain crimes, causing you to spend much of your future life in prison.Drug and alcohol dependenceChronic stress is closely linked with cases of drug and alcohol dependence. This is an effor t to seek comfort and drugs provide it though temporarily. As soon as the feeling of comfort ends, you will feel the need to get another dose of this self-prescribed treatment.Taking drugs gives your body feelings of calm, joy or well-being, depending on what drugs you take. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is what gets released when most drugs hit your brain. Your brain’s reward system gets activated and you start enjoying the activity you are engaging in.Unfortunately, these drugs have other effects which are rarely taken into account. You will most likely consider the resulting good feelings and ignore the negative impact the drugs have on your health.For example, heavy drinking of alcohol causes your brain to shrink, causes heart damage, mouth and throat cancer, liver damage, infertility and sexual dysfunction.SuicideWhen chronic stress is not managed properly, it can lead to the worst symptomâ€"suicide. Although you may not live to experience this symptom, it is a sure loss of v alue both to you, your friends and your family. Committing suicide means you have given up all hope and see no meaning in living.As sad as this is, suicide is never an out of the blue decision. It is usually something that has built up over time. Feelings of hopelessness slowly crop up into your mind and the more they get room to flourish, the more they establish themselves.With time, you start believing that life is meaningless and you would rather die than live in misery.PREVENTIONYour body is good at communicating to you whenever things go wrong. You should just learn to understand what your body is trying to tell you.With stress, you should aim at battling it as soon as it starts otherwise the problem will become too big to easily deal with.All the same, as much as you cannot stop stress entirely, managing it is possible. Below we look at some of the ways of preventing stress from running your life.Identify your stressorsThe first step towards preventing stress is by identifying the things which cause you stress. These stressors can then be avoided knowing that despite the effort that may be needed, it is an investment towards a better future.Sit down and think through what has happened in your life in the past. Bring to memory past stressful situations and play them back to find out what started it all. The moment you narrow down to it, write it down. Do not be in a hurry as your mind may not quickly deliver results it’s not used to providing.If you find it difficult putting together this list, then you can ask a friend or family member to assist you. The goal is to know what to avoid.Learn to say “No”Are you too nice to people? If you tend to sacrifice a lot for other people at the expense of your own life goals, then the answer is ‘Yes.’ Another way of getting the answer to this question is by just checking the number of requests you get to assist with jobs, assignments, projects etc.You may have been told how resourceful you are (and indeed y ou are) but that does not mean that you agree to everything you’re requested to do. If you do, then you will never have time for yourself.That means no time and energy to pursue your own goals, enjoy your hobbies and just live life in your terms. Why? Someone else or some other people are indirectly controlling your time and energy.If you have trouble saying no, then you need to learn a skill called assertiveness. This helps you learn how to control yourself and only agree to what you are genuinely comfortable with. You will also learn how to avoid the sense of guilt that you fear will result in saying no.Exercise regularlyExercising regularly can never be overstated because the benefits are abundant. Every part of your body will benefit from exercises. When you exercise, your brain produces feel-good hormones which help you relax and enjoy life.Exercising is both a prevention and curative technique against stress. During the exercise, you will be more excited than stressed and af terwards, get a sense of calm which will help you in other areas including your ability to sleep and think properly.Rest / sleepStress greatly inhibits your ability to rest and sleep because it keeps you active. As long as your mind is active, sleeping becomes difficult. You will be constantly thinking of the situation at hand trying to come up with solutions.If employed, stress may make you want to carry your work home thinking that you will be able to concentrate more at home. Although this might be true, it is not always the case. You may get home and become more aware of your bed than your computer or files.It is crucial that you start by separating between work time and rest time. If you don’t have a specified time for resting and working, you will find that these two overlap. In the overlap, your work may carry more weight than your sleep due to the external pressure from your boss or clients.Sleeping helps you calm down and enables your body to repair the worn out tissues. With enough sleep, you will be in a better position to handle stress.Prioritize your workPrioritizing your work is not just about numbering the tasks you need to work on. You should attach value to the tasks and list them starting with the most important to the least important. You will find that some tasks are not even important at all.After listing the things to do, you then proceed to focus only on the tasks you are currently working on. Everything else is a distraction and should be avoided. If you feel the urge or apparent need to think about he task following the current one, you should resist it at all costs.Watch the below short video for some tips you can use to avoid distractions.Avoiding distractions will help you learn discipline. You will then start realizing that you are achieving your goals. This is all because you removed the things which were not necessary and focused on what was important.All successful people have great levels of discipline. To a large extent, thi s is what sets them apart from others. Whereas everyone has dreams and ambitions, few have the discipline of dropping unproductive habits and learning productive ones.THERAPYStress can not only be prevented but also managed. Stress is not considered a treatable condition because it can never be removed from your life. Stress is a normal part of life. This is however true only for acute stress. The moment it becomes episodic or chronic, it stops being normal.Stress therapy is therefore designed to manage the levels of stress in your life. Some of the therapy methods are also prevention methods which have been mentioned above. These include sleeping and exercising. Some other techniques of managing stress include the below.Seek helpStress mostly comes from some work which needs to be finished either to a certain high standard or by an approaching deadline. It is crucial that you seek help with the work. Never try to live and work like a lone ranger. Sure, the thrill can be exciting bu t soon, life will throw you some unexpected balls.While working with others, ensure you involve them early. Waiting till the last minute can prove dangerous because you have no guarantee that the person you intend to approach has the time to help you. And even if he did, it might take him some time to understand what you need done.Such a situation can really fuel your stress as you see the explanations as time wasted. This is how stressed people end up deciding that they are better off just doing the job by themselves thus continuing in the stress.With people to help you, entrust the portion of work to them and don’t try to micromanage them. Appreciate the help they are offering and allow yourself to have some peace of mind. You will notice your stress levels going down.Get a massageThe release of stress hormones into your bloodstream causes your muscles to stiffen. This causes muscle pain and unless the hormones finish their work, those muscles will remain stiff. Remember this is your body’s way of protecting you from the imminent danger you are facing.Instead of waiting for your body to finish what it started, you can do something to help it. Just get a massage. A massage will relax your muscles and send the signal to your brain that all is well. That you are no longer in danger. Also, massages cause you to have feelings of calm and relaxation.Getting a massage also offers other benefits apart from lowering your stress levels. Some of them are improving your immunity, helps you sleep better and relieves headaches.AromatherapyThe beauty of some scents goes beyond the sweet smells and actually help you relax.Most often, aromatherapy is used through inhalation. Essential oils are evaporated into the air using diffusers or breathed in when taking a steam bath. When the scents reach your brain, feel-good chemicals like serotonin are released, bringing about the feeling of relaxation.Essential oils can also be used on the skin during massage. The main precauti on is that these oils are supposed to be used when diluted with carrier oils. It is also important to consult a trained aromatherapist before doing this by yourself. You can learn about various oils and their uses here.PsychotherapyYou are always advised to talk to a counselor whenever you are stressed. Do not keep to yourself because those moments of being alone can cause a lot of negative thinking. This can result in suicidal thoughts, leading to actual suicide.It is important to find a qualified psychotherapist who can listen to you, understand your situation and help you manage stress effectively. Psychotherapists are people who have been trained in psychology and can recognize problems from the situations you narrate to them.This website will help you connect with a therapist.Listen to calming musicMusic is also therapeutic in nature. In fact, music is more powerful than you may recognize. Ever noticed that listening to upbeat music causes you to start moving your body in rhyth m with the beats? If you haven’t experienced it before, then calming music can literally calm you down.Sit in a comfortable position or even lie on your bed and just play the music. Do not think much about how to stop your mind from indulging the thoughts running in it. The music will do that for you. Just ensure you set your alarm so as to avoid drifting to sleep for longer than intended.Take a walkWalking is a widely-recognized exercise that everyone can engage in. As simple as it is, taking a walk helps calm your mind by shifting your focus from the stressful situation and onto something else. If you live near a park, take advantage of it and walk in the park. You can take some breaks to enjoy the serenity of the park.Although you can walk to manage stress that has already set in, walking also works to prevent more stress from coming your way. Especially if you make it part of your lifestyle. So, enjoy the walk knowing that it’s serving a great purpose.CONCLUSIONStress will a lways find its way into your life since that is just the nature of life. However, you do not need to be afraid of it as you can easily manage it by making the necessary lifestyle changes. Embrace the changes and live a better life.

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The Dimensions Of A Career - 2895 Words

The Dimensions of a Career In Accounting Rafael Cartagena SOC 116 Term Paper April 28, 2015 Introduction A career in public accountant/internal auditing involves communicating, summarizing, classifying, interpreting and presenting financial positions about an enterprise to the management, auditors, owners or shareholders of a company. Having a strong accounting foundation is an important factor when it comes to running a successful business. In every business there is need for a bookkeeper, accountant or a chief finance officer. There is a projected 16% increase in job positions by 2016 exemplifying the bright future of accounting according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics website (U.S Department of Labor, 2014.) The role of the accountant has changed from traditional accounting to that of a strategic planner and a business partner in the changing business environment. And in regards to Kalleberg’s standards of â€Å"good† job criteria, a career in accounting measures up to the ideals of a worthy job to obtain. Accounting Classification According to the New Leadership Track in Accounting Firms by Elizabeth Almer, accounting is a study of how organizations track their assets, capital, and liabilities over time. It involves computing cost and capital gains from the capital (Almer, 2011: 44). An accountant participates in strategies for mergers and acquisitions. Public accountants work for public accounting companies with major tasks includingShow MoreRelatedDefinition Of Dimensions Of Culture998 Words   |  4 Pages Dimensions of culture is an idea that expands over many professional and academic categories. Personally, this topic urges my curiosities cause of the career path I have chosen. I am on the path to becoming an Air Force Officer. This career possesses many different challenges and dealing with various dimensions of culture is a prominent aspect. Communication with various allied countries, respecting religious traditions, maintaining ethical values, recognizing religious and social customs are justRead MoreHofstede Analysis Canada1482 Words   |  6 Pagesup a ranking system that proves why Canada is so ideal for American businesses to operate. Hofstede’s ranking system is based on analyzing 5 dimensions that target key aspects of a country’s society. These dimensions are power distance, individualism, uncertainty avoidance, career success and planning for the long term horizon. Power Distance This dimension measures the rigidity or flexibility of a country in terms of how its organizations structure their management and subordinate relationshipsRead MoreAn Understanding Of Intrapersonal Effectiveness And The Five Factor Model1091 Words   |  5 PagesThe resultant insights will highlight deficiencies relevant to my career goals and strategies will be suggested via the SMART goal framework. 2.0 Intrapersonal Effectiveness Intrapersonal effectiveness is significant in the educational to professional transition (Shearer, 2009, p. 53). Intrapersonal Effectiveness’s three important facets are strength and weakness awareness, awareness of differing strength combinations for career paths, and sound judgement regarding skills and education aquisitionRead MoreUse of Hofstedes Five Dimensional Model to Analyze Indian Culture1156 Words   |  5 Pagesobservations. Hofstede has identified five different cultural dimensions. These dimensions include power-distance, individualism/collectivism, masculinity/femininity, uncertainty avoidance and lastly long term orientation. According to Hofstede, power distance is the first dimension which translates to how all individuals in a society arent equal and there is a decent amount of inequality when it comes to the division of power. The second dimension involves the theme of individualism which translates toRead MoreTourism and Hospitality Industry942 Words   |  4 Pages2.2 Career in Hospitality Industry With both hospitality and tourism industry hand-in-hand growing rapidly, increasing demands of hospitality labor has created more employment opportunities in this field. As a matter of fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics had recorded a number of 13.5 million people in the United States who had had hospitality jobs by April 2012 (cited in Kasperkevic, 2012). It is inarguable that hospitality industry has attracted millions of people to embark on a career in thisRead MoreThe Key Dimensions Of Gender Equality920 Words   |  4 PagesThe key influences/dimensions of gender equality in the workplace comparing UK and Greece Introduction The aim of this essay is to critically analyze the key influences/ dimensions of gender equality in the workplace comparing U.K and Greece. There are many dimensions of gender equality in the workplace that have been researched and studied carefully over the years. This study will critically examine and highlight the importance of the key dimensions of gender equality in the workplace in these twoRead MoreThe Six Dimensions of Wellness778 Words   |  4 Pages Physical, emotional, intellectual, interpersonal, spiritual, and environmental wellness are all considered the six dimensions of wellness with occupational wellness being the possible seventh. But what are these exactly? And how do they apply to me and my health and wellness? The first of the six dimensions is physical wellness, which is your body’s overall wellness. This includes the absence of illness and disease and your body’s fitness level. You have to make good, healthy choicesRead MoreAnalysis Of Hofstede s Five Dimensions Of Culture906 Words   |  4 Pagespresenting to clients or even the language we speak, in the end, we conduct business differently depending on the country or region we’re from. In analyzing Hofstede’s five dimensions of culture we can better understand the cultural differences between the U.S. and Europe. (Hall, 2014) â€Å"The cultural dimensions represent independent preferences for one state of affairs over another that distinguish countries (rather than individuals) from each other.† (National Culture) Power distanceRead MoreCritical Analysis : Transactional Analysis1193 Words   |  5 Pagessignificant out of the bunch. When a person is stressed and begins to teeter on his or her threshold of emotional stability it is easy for them to slip into an irrational ego state. Cultural Dimensions: The last principle that I will look at is cultural dimensions. The consistency in the cultural dimensions betweem a leader and his or her followers are significant in determining their relationship. Much of the leader’s referent power is built with actions and idea’s that support the follower’s ideologyRead MoreThe Physical Dimension Of Wellness994 Words   |  4 PagesWhere I personally am at in the physical dimension is on the lower end for flexibility and cardiorespiratory, but around average for the muscular strength and endurance. I am a bit overweight and have been for the most recent years of my life due to lack of motivation to work to and keep off the weight. As of late, my dietary habits have been atrocious, but I hope to change that. One great thing about my physical dimension of wellness though is my great immune system. Getting sick is rare for me

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My Goals for the Future - 859 Words

August 17th 2010 My Goals For The Future By: Jennifer Mills WOW! Where do I start? First I will give you a little history about myself. I have always been and have always wanted to be a nurse. I started caring for people when I was 10 or 12 years old I guess? My Granny she was a brittle diabetic, and she was also confined to a wheelchair since 1955. My Mom was real sickly as well so it was my responsibility to care for the house as well as my Great-Grandmother (My Granny) She was my Heart and Soul, (My Life)! I cooked and cleaned and washed clothes for everyone, I helped My Granny to get up and sown to her bedside toilet, I gave Her insulin shots, I helped her†¦show more content†¦She opens her mouth in wisdom, And the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household, And does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and bless her;Her husband also, and he praises her, saying: Many daught ers have done nobly,But you excel them all. Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. Give her the product of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates. ~ Proverbs 31:10-31 So to summerize my Goals this is them in a nuts shell†¦.to be. . . Rare, Precious Trustworthy Kind Works Joyfully Goes extra mile to get choicest goods Disciplined Enterprising, Prudent with money Energetic Good Steward Diligent Compassionate, Generous Provident Elegant Influential Industrious Poised Wise Manages Her Home Praiseworthy Distinguished God-fearing Honored . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..Show MoreRelatedMy Goals For My Future Family988 Words   |  4 Pagescarefully thinking about the goals I have, I have concluded that I have one main goal with a short-term goal that in turn will open the door to larger goals. By surviving my freshman year of college with at least a 3.85 grade point average (GPA) while working a full time job, I can boost my confidence and build up a solid foundation for future endeavors in college. I could probably name a thousand reasons why I decided to go back to college. But, the main reason is for my future family. College is veryRead MoreMy Career Goals For The Future1450 Words   |  6 Pages One of my career goals for the future is to be happy in any event of what I choose to do. It is very difficult to choose what career is the best for you and if what suitable for you. I am interested in many different types of study. However, I choose to become a nurse in five years from now. I choose this career path because I do like to help other people with their sickness,injuries and struggles in their lives especially when they have any problem in their health, physically or mentallyRead MoreMy Goals And Future Plans1536 Words   |  7 Pagesattempt of putting down my objectives, experiences and future plans with the aim of pursuing a career in biology. The ultimate goal I envision is of becoming a dedicated and creative researcher and a resourceful teacher. Keeping this objective in mind, I believe that pursuing graduate studies at (university name) is the correct choice and the first step towards my goal. Hence I seek admission to the graduate program in the Department of Biology. Over the years, during my secondary school studiesRead MoreMy Goals For My Future Classroom1534 Words   |  7 PagesMy primary goals for my future classroom are to create a climate that is welcoming and accepting for my students. I want my students to learn acceptance in turn and welcome diversity and become culturally aware and culturally sensitive students. This course has enabled me to think practically and pragmatically about how I can create and model that culturally sensitive environment for my students. After spending this month reflecting on what cultural diversity and multiculturalism are and mean I haveRead MoreMy Future Career Goals858 Words   |  4 PagesThese career choices I have laid out as my future career goals will help to not only educate myself, but also others in society by showing them all the benefits to sustainability. Through my intended work as an ambassador for sustainability I will be accessing current situations and helping to develop plans to help ma ke changes for the good, this will be seen across all scales with students, buildings or businesses, neighbourhoods or communities, and hopefully on the bigger scale of globally. OverRead MoreMy Personal Goal As A Future Teacher812 Words   |  4 PagesMy personal goal as a future teacher is to encourage and challenge students as they develop their learning skills. Teaching young intellects is a significant undertaking and cannot be taken unconscientiously. It is filled with many frustrations, challenges and responsibilities. However, it is a job that is very rewarding one that is filled with pleasure, admiration and excitement. Every child is capable of learning and will do so in their distinct style. As a result, it is imperative to learn eachRead MorePersonal Statement For My Future Goals Essay2626 Words   |  11 Pagesvaried by the contribution towards my own wellbeing. I will then evaluate this to make strategies for my future lifelong wellbeing in the future what it should look like. Physical activities and experiences that I paraitcaped in as I grew up I mainly found swim sessions, ball rush, golf and cricket as positive experiences as we did them with my family and younger friends which I really enjoyed doing I found rugby to become a negative experience for me. As in rugby my friends had stopped playing, asRead MoreMy Plans For Your Future Career Goals1097 Words   |  5 Pagesyour knowledge. Your choice should also consider your current interests in psychology and support your future career goals. Identify the audience for your handbook and the main construct in learning and cognition that will provide the focus of your handbook. Explain your motivation for using the chosen construct as your focus subject as well as how this construct aligns with your future career goals. Research five peer-reviewed articles in the Ashford University Library focusing on your chosen constructRead MoreThe Philosophy of Education and my Goals as a Future Teacher Essay832 Words   |  4 Pagespaper that will be discussed. Every philosophy perspectives that teachers have chosen for the students it is important because it can depends on their teaching strengths and effectiveness. The goal of any philosophy could be that every student would be able to succeed in their lives. As a future teacher, my goal it will be to establish a classroom that would be print rich environment that invites the students to learn, a safe place to be, and a place where learning is fun. Education on a child includesRead MoreMy Goal And Future As A Psychiatric And Mental Health Nurse Practitioner1399 Words   |  6 Pagesenvironment. It is my optimist desire to use my time at Walden University to achieve the best knowledge and skills thought to me by the diverse professors and student. Being a nurse for 9 years with a diverse background has provided me with some experience and eagerness to achieve evidence base practice to advance my knowledge as a Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). The purpose of this paper is to guide me through this learning process to stay focus on my goal and future as I advance

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Safeguarding And Forms Of Abuse Free Essays

I am going to briefly talk bout the main types of abuse and outline a general picture about safeguarding. I will then focus on two types of abuse and explain them in more detail, giving examples of real life events. Safeguarding is? Safeguarding means protection against something undesirable. We will write a custom essay sample on Safeguarding And Forms Of Abuse or any similar topic only for you Order Now Everyone has the responsibility to safe guard children and young people. The Government and safeguarding legislation guidance says that safeguarding means: Protecting children from maltreatment. Preventing impairment of children’s health or development. Ensuring that children are growing up In circumstances consistent with the provision f safe and effective care. Taking action to enable all children and young people to have the best outcome. â€Å"the action we take to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm ; is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with children and families has a role to play. † Types of Abuse Deprived of health benefits – this is when a abuser will stop a victim from getting any form of help such as seeing a doctor, a dentist or attending an appointment. The abuser me see that the victim doesn’t require that specific attention because they may see the victim as not worthy or special. They may also think that the Injuries the victim has may become noticed and be looked Into leading to the abuser being found out and reported. Physical abuse- this Is when an abuser physically Injuries a volt such as halting and cackling them or anything where the abuser Inflicts pain on the victim. This abuse is a form of excitement for the abuser as they have control over the victim. People may also hit out through stress or maybe due to losing their temper but there are lots of other reasons. This specific abuse will include the abuser hitting the victim in some way to get what they want from them and to keep hey grounded and under control by striking fear into the victim. Verbal abuse- this is when a abuser will say things to a victim to make them feel bad about themselves. This can result in the victim going on to act in a bad way such as saying verbal abuse to others therefore repeating the abusers words. This abuse is used to make others feel bad about themselves so that the abuser can feel good about them self. Emotional abuse – this can be linked In with any other form of abuse as the volt will be feeling certain things and In a certain way. Emotional abuse is where a abuser ill try to break the volt down emotionally resulting In the victim feeling bad about themselves all the time and the abuser being able to get inside a victim’s head bad at what they do or how they act or making a victim feel bad inside constantly. Financial abuse- this form of abuse is when a abuser will take money from a victim, whether the victim knows or not is a different matter. An abuser may simply steal money from a victim by going into their purse or wallet and taking money or by doing it in a sneaky manner such as borrowing money or playing the victim to a game which they won’t win. Sexual abuse- this form of abuse includes when a abuser will touch a person in a sexual manner without being given consent by the person to do it such as touching breasts or genitals. Sexual abuse can also include rape this is when the person hasn’t or cannot consent to sex but the abuser continues to do the act. Psychological abuse- this is when the abuser will try to get inside the head of a victim so they can obtain what they want or get the victim to do or say what they want this will allow the abuser to convince the victim that it is k to be doing this to them. Neglected- this is a form of abuse where the abuser will not let the victim have food, water, hygiene or medical attention and they will make sure that no one else allows those things to happen. The abuser may also stop a victim for Joining in with things or being in a group with people they would like to socialist with. This form of abuse leaves the victim to survive on their own without having any means to survive with. Bullying- bullying is when a abuser will use any of the forms of abuse to make a person or a group of people feel bad. Emotional, verbal and physical abuse are molly linked with bullying as they can make a person feel bad about themselves rather quickly and easily. Physical abuse I am now going to focus on two types of abuse which are physical abuse and self harming. Physical abuse is any form of pain which is inflicted on a person and is done on a daily basis. Hurting someone in an intentional way is physical abuse. This form of abuse may consist of many things such as: Scratching Head butting Shouting Drowning Dragging Around Sleep Deprivation Throwing Outside/Locking Outside Putting in stress positions Blinding (Blindfolding) scolding Cutting Kneeing Strangling Hitting Pushing Pulling Hair Biting Physical abuse allows them to control someone as the abusers strike fear into their victims leading them to do, say and act like the abuser wants them to. Physical abuse took place in Long Care (Stoke Place), here the patients were physically abused by their careers. This involved them being slapped, kicked and hit on a daily basis to control them into doing as the careers wished or to prevent them from doing something. Self harming Self-harm is when someone intentionally hurt themselves by damaging or injuring heir body and is used as a way to deal with or express emotional distress. In most cases people who self harm do it to help them to deal with overwhelming and unbearable emotional issues which are caused by problems such as: Social factors- like being bullied, having difficulties with work or school or having difficult relationships with friends or family. Trauma- such as physical or sexual abuse or the death of a close family member or friend. Mental health conditions- such as depression or borderline personality disorder. Self harming is a lot more common than people realism and can take part in any person’s life. It is more common to appear in the lives of 15 and 16 years old as in 2002 a I-J survey showed an estimate that 10% of girls and 3% of boys had self harmed in the previous year. In some cases people self-harm with the intension to kill themselves but often people self harm to punish their selves, express distress or to relieve tension. Self harming can also be seen as a cry for help in some cases. Types and signs of self harm – There are many ways that people can intentionally harm their selves such as: Cutting or burning their skin Punching themselves Poisoning themselves with things such as tablets Misusing alcohol or drugs Deliberately starving themselves (anorexia nervous) or binge eating (bulimia nervous) People who self harm will keep it a secret as they fear the shame of discovery; therefore it is often up to family or friends to notice when someone is self harming and for them to approach them with understanding and care. Some sign may include unexplained injuries or a person may show signs of a low self esteem or even depression. Someone who is self harming could seriously hurt themselves and should therefore be referred to a doctor so that they can discuss the underlying sue and find a way of treatment and therapy to help them. The events such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse that took place at places such as Long Care (Stoke Place), Wintergreen view and Stafford Hospital (Mid-Staffordshire Hospital Trust) may have lead to a person to self harm as they may feel bad about themselves and therefore feel the need to punish their selves or in some cases end their lives. In places like this if self harming was discovered in a patient nothing would have been done to help them as the abusers would have seen it as a cry for help which could lead them to getting caught in the acts they had committed. In conclusion this presentation shows that abuse happens in lots of people’s daily life, whether they are in a care home or in home or workplace and that in some cases it doesn’t get found out about or nothing is done about it. It is important that abusers get caught and prosecuted and that the victims get the help they need. It is also important to out about things that a person may have seen or noticed in another. Places such as the ones mentioned in the presentation were involved in most of the types of abuse discussed and nothing was done about it until it was captured on film. How to cite Safeguarding And Forms Of Abuse, Papers

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Implementation and Development of Complex Alcohol Control Policies

Question: Discuss about the Implementation and Development of Complex Alcohol Control Policies. Answer: Introduction The legal advice to be provided is with respect to the application of law of evidence based on the facts of the case scenario provided. The advice is not a general one. It will cover certain vital aspects of the case scenario. Within the advice one has to determine the information regarding the evidence that could be provided or presented before the court regarding the matter from the side of both the prosecution and the accused. The relevance of the evidence will also have to be determined. The possible challenges and issues that could be claimed by either party to the case have to be comprehended. It is necessary to determine the steps that would be taken by either party to the case with respect to making certain evidences usable and admissible before the court. It is also necessary to determine which evidence cannot be used in the court or rather inadmissible evidence. Other issues arising from the evidences have to be discussed at length. The scenario used here is purely hypothet ical in nature and does not bear any resemblance with real cases. From the present case it is seen that there were one accused. On being arrested, he refused to speak with the police initially. The case scenario also says that when the accused was brought to the police station, they had asked for a lawyer. The facts also suggest that a lawyer was nominated to deal the case on their behalf. The accused was put in a holding cell. The case clearly suggests that a court hearing is yet to occur. The accused are thus considered as under trial. It seems that an independent accused agreed to give evidence against the other accused. The bargain was that his charges would be reduced if he agreed if his evidence sufficed in the court. She was present in the same holding cell where the other accused were present. From the instant case it is apparent that initially when the accused were informed about the statement of Sydney Smith, he refuted Sydneys statement claiming that she was lying and he had no part in the crime for which they were accused. The facts sug gest that Sydney Smiths statement was video recorded as per the requisites present in Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (Qld). The facts suggest that when the police tried for the third time to elicit statements from the accused, he did not agree to have a conversation with the police like the first instance. From the facts of the case it can be inferred that there was a security camera near to the scene of the crime. It had captured images and pictures of an individual who had similar features to that of the accused near the scene of the crime. This is in terms of height, build, colour and gender of the accused. In spite of all these similarities, it is shown that the face of the individual was not clearly visible in the video. To bring a solution to this issue, certain solutions were thought of by one of the legal team of the prosecution lawyers. The team mentioned about a seminar conducted by Dr Carla Andrade regarding the use of biometric markers for identifying the accused. Now it is important to analyse the statement given by Sydney Smith through video recording. She asserted that on the day the accuse d was brought to the local police station, she was also present in the same holding cell where the accused was placed. Smith was an under trial prisoner. Her charges were several including illegal use of a motor vehicle and non compliance of directions by the police to stop the motor vehicle. According to the police the charges with respect to not following police instructions could be dropped if she cooperated in the present or any other case. One of the constables also said that if Smith was able to induce the accused to speak with her regarding the charges, the police would help in reducing the charges of Smith. From the statement it seems that the witness in this case was happy and voluntary to give the statements. She gave the opinion that the accused seemed to be a dangerous individual. According to Smith, she had approached the accused to talk about the offence. Initially he received a cold shoulder from the accused. He was not keen to speak with Smith initially. Smith also said that the accused made this statement that he would be flashed on the news regarding the crime. However the accused was confident that the police would not be able to keep him in jail. The accused seemed to be confident that the police would not be able to prove anything regarding him. The accused claims that there were no witnesses to prove that he was the person who did the crime in the crime scene. However, according to Smith, the accused admitted of doing the crime. The accused was sanguine that he would be absolved from the charges since he was careful at what he did. Smith also claims that after accepting the crime, an hour later the accused told Smith that if she reveals anything, the accused would deny the facts. Smith also claims that the accused called her a wierdo. Smith also clai ms that she is suffering from Tourette syndrome. The problem includes syndromes like twitching and making of noises. She claims that it was beyond his control. However she asserts the fact that this physical issue does not impact upon her intelligence and other aspects. Evidence that can be put forward by the defence before the court The statement of the video recording will prove to be vital. This is because very less information could be derived by the police when they interviewed the accused. On the first and third occasion of the interview, the accused simply kept quiet and refused to answer any question raised by the police. On the second occasion of the interview, when the police mentioned to the accused about the video statement provided by Sydney Smith, he vehemently refused to accept the authenticity of the statement and claimed that he was innocent and had no role in the crime for which he was accused. The evidence that can be used by the prosecution to prove the guilt of the accused is the video footage from the security camera in the place of the crime. However it seems that there is no real evidence of the fact that the accused person was actually the person involved in the crime shown in the video footage. The only proof that the prosecution has regarding the possibility that the accused could be th e person shown in the security camera is that the height, build, colour and gender had a great resemblance with that of the accused. The biggest problem that the prosecution will face is the fact that the face was clearly not visible in the camera. Thus it is suggested that the video recorded statement and the transcript of the video statement provided by Sydney Smith should be brought in front of the court. The nature of the statement and the admissions sound to be valuable and could be used by the questioning officer against Sydney Smith. The prosecution in the instant case has major evidence in terms of the video recording of the statement given by Sydney Smith. Sydney Smith can also be used as a special witness for providing testimony on the first trial of the case before the court. It can be proved by the prosecution that when the accused was placed in the holding cell, Sydney Smith was present in the same cell. The video which came up on the video camera can be brought before the court by the prosecution during the course of the trial. The point on which the prosecution can argue before the court regarding the image that was captured by the security camera is that the features of the accused has a great resemblance with the build, height, gender and colour of the person seen in the video footage. Forensic reports from the DNA Lab could be used by the prosecution to establish before the court that accused is responsible for the crime that was committed. Issues that could be brought up by each side of the case with respect to the evidence Firstly the issues that the prosecution can bring in with respect to regarding evidence forwarded by the defence will be discussed. The accused had challenged the authenticity of the video statement of Sydney Smith. However they can use the video footage available at the scene of the crime. If the biometric markers match with the features of the accused, it would be sufficient to suggest that the accused was involved in the crime. The prosecution might also question the fact that the accused stayed quiet in front of the police whereas he opened up before Sydney Smith. The defence on the other hand has more issues that could be raised against the evidence forwarded by the prosecution. The accused can claim before the court that just by proving that the biometric markers available from the video footage matched with that of the accused does not prove the fact that he was present in the scene of the crime. There could be several other individuals who have similar physical attributes similar to him. The mere use of biometric markers could just be a hunch. Moreover, he can claim the fact that Sydney Smith made up a story to receive benefits of reduced charges. He can claim that there was no video footage of the conversation between Sydney and the accused. The mere statement made by Sydney Smith could not be used as authentic evidence. Procedures that could be followed by the prosecution and the defence to prove the evidences forwarded by them to the court to be admissible The evidences that were used by the prosecution against the accused were the video statement and the transcript of the statement given by Sydney Smith as well as the security camera video footage of the crime scene. First the prosecution has to justify the involvement of Sydney Smith as a witness against the accused. Sydney Smith can be used as a vulnerable witness. This is a broad term to discuss a wide range of witnesses in case of both criminal and civil proceedings. The witnesses include adolescents and children, sufferers of sexual assault, individuals with learning and mental disorders and impairments etc. Vulnerable witnesses also include individuals suffering from emotional trauma getting intimidated and are unable to give evidence. This particular example suits with the problem suffered by Sydney Smith. Vulnerable witness also includes an accused who acts as a witness in his own defence. This is with respect to an accused that has learning disorders. Moreover as per the Evid ence Act 1977 of Queensland, vulnerable witnesses can be classified into various categories. This includes special witnesses, protected witnesses and affected children. The provisions regarding special witness is mentioned in section 21 A of the Evidence Act 1997 of Queensland. Sydney Smith qualifies to be considered as special witness. If the court considers him to be having some sort of mental or intellectual disorder and as a result of which is disadvantaged to be a witness, he can be treated as a special witness. From what is seen from the facts Sydney was intimidated by the behaviour of the accused and also suffered from emotional stress and trauma. Thus the prosecution can use the provisions of section 21 A to make sure that Sydney is considered as a special witness. Once Sydney qualifies to be considered as a witness, further elaboration can be made to prove the elements of being a special witness. The prosecution can also use section 21A (2) of the Act to ensure the safety of Sydney Smith. The prosecution can ask the court to seclude the accused while Sydney testifies before the court. There should be a person appointed and approved by the c ourt to be present while Sydney provides testimony to give her emotional support. Other than the direct testimony of Sydney, there should be permission to display the video statement and its transcript for further clarity of evidence. For this the conditions mentioned in an order has to be followed. However, the prosecution should also keep in mind the provisions section 21A (4). This provision allows the accused to hear and see the testimony given by the special witness. The applicability of video statements as evidence is mentioned in section 21A (2) (e) of the Act. According to the provisions of this section the court has the right to use video recording of a special witness in place of the direct testimony of the special witness. The accused can claim the right to remain silent during police interrogation. This right is justified in the sense that it would protect the accused from self incriminating himself. In this way the accused will be able to justify the refusal on his part to give any statement to the police. The accused can ask the court if there were any actual witnesses present in the crime scene that could testify as to the guilt of the accused. He can claim the unreliability of the statement provided by Sydney Smith. He can claim that the statement given by her is fabricated to falsely implicate him for the crime. He can claim that Sydney did not have the mental capacity to be qualified as an admissible witness. He can claim that she must have cooked up a story to exonerate herself of her own charges. Moreover, there was no evidentiary proof whether there was a conversation held between the accused and the witness. There were no security cameras nor were there any person video recording their conve rsation. Hence there was no concrete proof as to the ingenuity of the statements provided by Sydney. Inadmissible evidence The fact that the security camera at the scene of crime could not take a clear picture of the person is a worrying factor for the prosecution. There is no concrete evidence of the accused being present in the scene of the crime. The police were not able identify any mark or tattoo present on the body of the accused which matched with the person identified in the video recording. There is a mixed reaction as to the admissibility of expert opinion of Dr Carla Andrade. The requirement of expert evidence can be seen in the case of Murphy v R (1989) 167 CLR 94. As per the case an expert evidence is required if the evidence is beyond the ability of interpretation of the jury. Conclusion From the instant case it may be concluded that the evidences are more in favour of the accused compared to the prosecution. Bibliography Aldridge, M,Vulnerable Witnesses(The Routledge Handbook of Forensic Linguistics, 1st ed, 2010) Blewer, R, "Making Kiddies At Home In Court: Supporting Child Witnesses In Twentieth Century Australian Courtrooms" (2017) 4lawhistory Braun, K, "Legal Representation For Sexual Assault Victims-Possibilities For Law Reform" (2013) 25Current Issues Crim. Just Buckleton, J. S., J. A. Bright and D Taylor,Forensic DNA Evidence Interpretation(CRC press, 1st ed, 2016) Clough, A. 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